Project Turquoise Impact-Last 12 months

Project Turquoise raised over $100,000 in 2018 with our largest funds coming in via our fundraising event held in September 13, 2018 where we had Senator Mark Warner as our keynote speaker.  Since then, our team of volunteers have worked diligently to ensure that we deliver supplies and services to families in need all over the world.

We are proud to report how the funds have impacted people globally:

Healthcare Support for Venezuelans displaced in Colombia and Venezuela in partnership with Project Hope – $42,726

Project Turquoise contributed $42,726 towards Project HOPE’s programs dealing with Venezuelans displaced in Colombia and Venezuela.  We were able to:

  • Hire 2 physicians (1 GP and and 1 OBGYN) for 6 months, to work from Jorge Cristo Sahium and HUEM hospitals.
  • Hire 1 Nurse.
  • Diagnose, treat, and provide necessary medications to 5,760 patients, mostly women and children.
  • Deliver 156 healthy babies.
  • Provide Health Education sessions to 1,850 expectant mothers.
  • Donate medicines include: Acetaminophen, Ampicillin, Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, Ciprofloxacin, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen.
  • Contribute $17,100 in healthcare services and $25,752 in medicines and medical supplies.

Support of youth Syrian refugees in Lebanon – $10,000

Project Turquoise Youth Committee ventured to Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, located near the Syrian border, this past June 2019 for a different service exchange experience in order to continue working with Syrian refugees. In partnership with nonprofit Art of Hope, which focusses on the mental health of displaced people, and NGO MAPS (Mulit Aid Programs), which provides much needed services to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the weeklong mindfulness camp gave the PT Youth Committee and Syrian youth a chance to collaborate on health, mindfulness, hopes, and dreams for their future. The unique friendships they formed in such a short period of time shows the resilience and warmth that these kids possess. The exchange provided a much needed respite for the refugee youth who often struggle with a safe and welcoming haven to spend their days. Funds and laptops were donated to support the good work of MAPS and AOH, as well as t-shirts, friendship bracelets, books, journals, hugs, and hope for the Syrian youth.  It is important to note that all volunteers travelling to this service trip paid for their own travel expenses in order to ensure funds raised by PT will be benefiting the beneficiaries directly.  

Project Turquoise Education Fund (PTEF) – Support educational needs of 2 exceptionally strong Syrian refugees college funds- $34,000 

Project Turquoise in partnership with EdSeed, will be supporting educational needs of a few Syrian refugees who graduated with honors.  PT worked closely with EdSeed to go through a selection process of Syrian refugees high school students that applied to our program and showed commitment to education, academic excellence, and pursue of a life of independence and dignity.  Look for more information on the status of this fund allocation in the coming weeks when our team completes its selection effort.

Project Turquoise Healthcare Program – Dental Support –Performed by our team of volunteers

Project Turquoise is thrilled to expand their local outreach with the growing support of our Project Turquoise volunteer dentists. The dental team had to two dental screenings for free dental work at Cornerstones in Reston on September 13th & on September 15th at Pars Place. A “Mission for Smiles” free dental mission is planned at Pediatric Dentistry of Reston on September 28th to help these families who face significant obstacles & do not have access to medical & dental care. If interested in getting involved or donating to our dental missions, please check out our website.

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