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Project Turquoise’s Health Care committee’s goal is to allocate some of the funds raised to procure medical, dental, and wellness goods and services in the impacted areas & help train local healthcare providers.



Our service trips are a unique and key component of the overall mission of Project Turquoise. These trips allow our PT volunteers to provide much needed services to displaced groups in underserved areas while allowing donors to feel they are making a direct impact with their donations somewhere in the world. PT volunteers are then able to communicate their first-hand experiences through approved social media, communications and during fundraisers to raise a deeper awareness and empathy for the cause.

In planning our future service trips, we partner with US based NGOs to:

  • Select an impacted geographic area; 
  • Select and partner with a local NGO with local community knowledge, staff, and appropriate licenses to support our mission; 
  • Select PT service trip team members that can support the mission 
  • Manage and oversee the trip 
  • Every PT service trip team member is required to pay for his/her cost unless offered a grant by PT. 
In addition, we plan to have local missions in the DC area to serve immigrant refugees and the underserved. Our hope is that the patients served will continue with their comprehensive care with the volunteer healthcare providers at the event.  We plan to partner with the youth division and get them involved as volunteers. 
 We are determined to stay true to our mission of “raising awareness and providing support for displaced families in the US and abroad.” 
We look forward to increased collaboration to work with other NGO’s to help people in need. If you are interested in getting involved with our service missions please contact us at