It's time to roll up your sleeves

One major impact of Project Turquoise in the displaced populations is identifying and responding to shortages of healthcare delivery and supplies. While performing needs analysis in the past, healthcare supplies and onsite support continued to stand out.  In that effect, we have procured and delivered local items to the camps where we can help the local economy as well as help the beneficiaries.  Some but not all of the products provided range from washable sanitary napkins to adjustable RX glasses, dental supplies, preventive hygiene products, and prenatal kits.  

Local Missions

Our dentists and doctors help children and families in desperate need of medical and dental care. Our community volunteers give their time and valuable resources through local fundraising efforts, and collaborating with our local organizations to help these families in distress and in need of urgent care. Many of these families who initially come to the US face significant obstacles and many do not have insurance or access to medical or dental care. Our community of doctors help alleviate the stress and discomfort even beyond the the initial care they receive.

International Missions

We value the opportunity to learn from and work with other dedicated NGO's to serve the community we are reaching. Every community in need is different. Our volunteers come together to help change the lives of people who have been affected by war or natural disasters and now do not have immediate access to dental or medical care. We bring over dental and medical supplies in order to help treat as many patients as possible. We also collaborate with other educational programs to train local medical and dental professionals to help provide basic care.

Health Education
Dental & Medical Missions