Global impact

Project Turquoise’s footprint has expanded through three continents and benefited people from all walks of life. Since 2016, we have partnered with Relief International & Project Hope with great success.

Relief International

  • Jordan Refugee Camps
    Delivered $200,000 goods and services to enhance the lives of residents in 2 refugee camps Camp Zaatari and Camp Azraq’s. Our programs have built libraries, paid for games, sports equipment, delivered educational classes, dance classes, paid for clothing for Syrian Refugees’ university interview, etc…
  • Dental Service Trip-2017
  • Youth Cultural Exchange Service Trip-2018
  • Uganda Clinic
    Donated $15,000 to three RI health clinics serving South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.
  • Iran/Iraq 2017 Earthquake
    Allocated $10,000 to help with immediate relief to the impacted families.
  • Peurto Rico Storms
    Allocated a portion of our youth fundraising, $500 event to support the natural disaster in Puerto Rico. This fund was channeled to a US licensed NGO as RI does not hold necessary licenses to perform service within US.

Project Hope

  • Venezuela Political Crisis
    Providing medical and humanitarian support to displaced Venezuelans in Colombia.
  • Project Turquoise Education Fund
    Developed a partnership with Edseed to offer educational scholarship to 2 Syrian Refugees in 2019.
  • Lebanon Youth Trip- planned for 2019


  • Project Turquoise in partnership with EdSeed, will be supporting educational needs of a few Syrian refugees who graduated with honors. PT has worked closely with EdSeed to go through a selection process of Syrian refugees high school students that applied to EdSeed program and showed commitment to education, academic excellence, and pursue of a life of independence and dignity.