Fundraising 2018

The Fundraising Committee, currently lead by Farnoosh Shahrokhi and Maryam Khosrodad, has been an integral part of Project Turquoise since its inception.  The committee is responsible for implementing both long-range and short-term fundraising strategies in support of Project Turquoise’s mission and its humanitarian endeavors at home and abroad.

Fundraising Committee objectives

Fundraising Events

While our fundraising events are designed to be educational, informative and compelling, they can also be fun and entertaining.  Our events are a great way for building a community of supporters as well as establishing a venue to promote and encourage support from our members and the public.  Prominent individuals and public figures are often invited as speakers and provide a mechanism to cater support and maximize exposure.

Historically, our events have been the backbone of our fundraising efforts.  The annual 2018 gala was held at a donor’s residence in McLean, Virginia with Senator Mark Warner of Virginia as the keynote speaker. Through partnership with Project Hope, the event raised $96,325.00 to support our charitable projects.For a list of upcoming events, please see our event calendar.

Online & Social Media

Project Turquoise has employed an online fundraising service with that provides a convenient and accessible mechanism for individuals and organization to donate to our various humanitarian causes.   The service also provides our patrons and sponsors the ability to build their own fundraising pages and promotional activities.  

In cooperation with other committees, a series of direct email and social media campaigns are designed to propagate awareness and encourage donations through our online fundraising service. 

Project Turquoise, Inc. is a Virginia corporation that is in the process of applying for a determination letter indicating it qualifies as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Although the company cannot make any guarantees, the company anticipates that IRS will issue a favorable determination letter effective 4/8/2019. To claim a donation as a charitable income tax deduction for federal tax purposes, please keep your email donation receipt.


Direct connect

Starting in 2019, the fundraising committee will rely heavily on volunteers and other committee members to directly connect with and establish relationships with members of the community that are in positions of political and social influence.  Lobbying for, promoting awareness and initiating dialog about humanitarian issues is key to gaining support from the community as well as individuals and organizations. 

These efforts will not only augment our online and social media activities, they are intended to increase the effectiveness of our events in bringing issues to the forefront.