The World is in Our Hands


$500 will offer a displaced student education fund

$500 will support a displaced family’s annual healthcare supply

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Our Background

In 2015, one picture changed it all for us: his red shirt and blue shorts hugging his body almost as though he was taking a casual nap on the beach. The image of three-year old Alan Kurdî ignited a whirlwind of emotions including sadness, anger, compassion, disgust, and most of all, an urgency to act.
So it started with a coffee, “what can we do?” After our initial conversation, we looked for ways to help. Our determination to make a difference led us to meet with many organizations.
Gazelle & Forough reached out to their community to form a task force, Project Turquoise, to bring the traditional essence of turquoise to the affected communities around the world. Since then, our group of volunteers have been able to raise funds and awareness and impace the lives of 100s of displaced individuals all over the world! 
While our initial effort was inspired by the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis, The goal of the organization is to respond to humanitarian crisis and provide aid needed are interested in helping support humanity everywhere.


Global impact & Partnerships

Youth committee & Service trips

Health & Education

Our mission

Project Turquoise is committed to raise awareness and support the needs of displaced families and provide humanitarian support locally and abroad.

Our vision

We will raise awareness in our community by holding events to discuss these conflicts within the US and abroad.  We will raise funds to help affected communities and we will organize service trips to deliver service, make long lasting connections, share learning and exchange cultures.  In partnership with other NGOs, Project Turquoise scope of support will be focused on delivering relief through Health Services and Supplies, Humanitarian Support, and making Education affordable for those in need.